Pollution After Ganesh Visargen

Widespread  campaigns  are  already  on  for  an  eco-friendly  Ganesh Chaturthi festival but still a large section of the society are unaware of the pollution and environmental damage caused by Plaster of Paris idols and chemical  paints.  Some  large  Ganesha  Pandal  committees,  to  attract  maximum crowd conveniently forget the environmental impact caused by  the idols. 

The main pollution is caused by the Plaster of Paris Ganesh idols and the chemical paints used in them. 

• Plaster  of  Paris  (POP)  is  not  a  naturally  occurring  material  and contains  gypsum, sulphur,          
   hosphorus  and magnesium. The idols  take several months to dissolve in water and in the process poison 
   the waters of lake, ponds, rives and seas. 
• The  chemical  paints  used  to decorate  the  Ganesh  idol  contain  mercury, lead, cadmium and carbon   
   and this increases the acidity and heavy  metal  content  in  the  water. 
• Several  accessories  used during the Ganesh  Puja  like  Thermocole,  plastic  flowers,  cloth,  incense,    
   camphor  and  numerous  other  materials  are  dumped  carelessly  adding  more  strain  to  the already 
   polluted  rivers  and  lakes.
• The  polluted  water  causes  several  diseases  including skin diseases.  
• The  pollution  from  Ganesh  Chaturthi  idols  also  damages  the  ecosystem,  kills  fishes  and water lants. 
• In many areas, the same polluted water gets pumped into homes.

Alternate :

• Use eco-friendly clay idols painted with natural colors.
• Use  permanent  idols  made  of  stone  and perform  a  symbolic immersion and reuse the idol each year.
• Avoid public water bodies to immerse the idols, instead immerse  idol in bucket or tub. Careless  dumping   
  of  Ganesh  idols  in  water  bodies blocks  the  natural flow  of  water.  This results  in stagnation  and   
  breeding  of  mosquitoes  and other harmful pests.

MUMBAI: About 300 children who are part of Children's Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) cleaned up the Girgaum Chowpatty beach on Thursday morning - the day after Gauri Visarjan.
The shoreline was filthy in the morning, with flowers, idols, decoration material, broken glass, etc. 
Children got down to work in right earnest, armed with gloves and aprons and did a commendable job of cleaning the beach. 
Please see the album which has pictures of the beach before the cleanup, during cleanup and after!

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Swati Miniyar said...

Good article Vijay!!!
I think the best solution on this is to keep the Ganesh Murti at home.Its always better than the results seen in the pictures above.Or we should use such idols which will be dissolved in water and should be dissolved in home.
Its really very painful to see the idols in such bad conditions after worshipping for 10 days.If this is the scene, even Lord Ganesha will be afraid of coming next year.

Anonymous said...

once more tym yu rock vijay ,
mastch .......

Anonymous said...

Good article

Anonymous said...

Good article Vijay.

Actually we should have Ganesh idols from mud and not POP.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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